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Exchange with local residents - FW2016


HUE regularly conducts a cultural exchange for local residents with the help of international students.

On January 27, 2017, we invited some parents from the local community event in order to provide local kids and parents with opportunities to learn Japanese traditional agrecultural activities.

As facilitators of the event, Signe Kjaesgaard from University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) and You-ling Fang from Soochow University (Taiwan) gave us some insights into their countries.

presentations by the students

Signe and You-ling presented about the lives, traditions and cultures in their countries using PowerPoint slides. After the presentations, they enjoyed chatting with participants and shared more detailed opinions and differences between the countries.

The short-term exchange students for 2016 Fall/Winter term are expecting to complete the program in a week, so they are going back to their home sooner or later. As they had a regular exchange with these local residents during the stay, the two facilitators seemed sad to say a goodbye to them after the event. 1 hour session passed so quickly as they really enjoyed the time together.

We are planning to hold the next event again in summer 2017.