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FW2016 STEP students interacted with local high school students at their school festival


Every December, there’s a two-day long event called “Hirosho Department Store” in Hiroshima city, which is “run” by Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial High School. This event is one of their fun, yearly festivities, but it’s quite unique and different from typical sport/culture festivals. Pupils plan their sales scheme from the scratch, purchase products by visiting the sponsoring companies, negotiate with them the price of the products, and sell the purchased products on those two days. Besides the above procedures, they have to do bookkeeping and accounting report, so the event is highly practical to comprehend a round of business management. The Hirosho Depatment Store is the 34th round in this year. It is very popular among local people and thus the school have many visitors during the two days.

Eco-conscious bag with a face of “Hiro-de-Panda,” their mascot character, on the front.

Why do we refer to Hirosho Department Store in our newsfeed? This is because our exchange students were invited to this event by the president of the school’s alumni association who manages Balcom Co. Ltd. in Hiroshima and accepts our exchange students for company visit every year within the course named “Practical Management Theory.” His intention was to provide the pupils at HPCHS with an opportunity to use English at the event. The school has been teaching English practically in cooperation with ALTs for long and would love to see how their pupils would manage when they had foreign customers.

Hiro-de-Panda and HUE exchange students

Passing through the main entrance of the school, pleasant, welcoming greeting was heard from many pupils. Our exchange students were impressed of their professional services at every “shop.” Speaking of their command of English, they managed fine, explaining about the products to the students in English as we can see it in the pictures. Some pupils spoke English very well.

at Momiji cake and Toyoka cake shop

at Rijo rice cake shop

at food stall

at Miso paste shop

After exchange students enjoyed strolling around and shopping, they had a meeting with English teachers and secretariats of the Alumni association. The students shared their overall impressions, mentioning the practical scheme of the Hirosho Department Store; professional services given by pupils; proactive communication in English and so on.

Exchange of opinions

At the end of the meeting, the exchange students also left a comment that they had a very fulfilling time. Thank you all the HPCHS teachers, pupils, secretariats of the HPCHS alumni association, and Mr. Yamasaka for giving us an opportunity to visit the Hiroshio Department Store and showing us a lot!