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"Explore Japanese Culture 2016" in Hiroshima by Yeungnam University


Yeungnam University (Korea), one of our partner universities, held a program called "Explore Japanese Culture 2016" and their 24 students and 1 teacher visited Hiroshima between October 30 and November 5.

HUE held a welcome party for these 25 visitors at the campus cafeteria - HUE Café Time - with dishes and decoration that HUE students organized, and ice breaking games.

(At the welcome party)

During the stay, they visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park; A-bomb Dome; Miyajima island; Hon-dori (Main) shopping street; Korean delegates related cultural facilities in Kure Shimokamagari (Sho-To-En Garden, Haku-Setsu-Ro House and so on), and learned about Hiroshima from many different perspectives.

(At the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum)

After the all activities and visits, Yeungnam University's students went over the events during the stay and shared what they felt and learned with HUE students. Some of the participants even decided to apply for Study Abroad to Japan with this program as a trigger. Taking into consideration their overall high satisfaction, we even expect to make this interaction program further evolving next time.

(During the discussion)