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Learning Systems that realizes ambitions/Hiroshima University of Economics

A flexible curriculum and full support system to make ambitions a reality.

“Dreams Come True” Career Sheet

“Dreams Come True” Career Sheet is what you will create soon after entering HUE. It will be used as a basic guideline when considering the direction of your college life and how to achieve your goals. The first step lies in grasping your interests, strengths and weaknesses, followed by picturing your future and committing to paper a 4-year plan for the start of its realization. Our Career Center staff will help you individually with its creation and application. We are right behind you in your first crucial four years of career planning.

'Dreams Come True' Career Sheet
Objectives of our Human Resource Development Program. Koudoujin: People of involvement and action

Presentation Skill Development Program

Students develop self-expression and presentation skills through seminars and other training workshops.

The aim of the Presentational Skill Development Program is to develop self-expression and presentation skills in order to foster the Koudoujin: People of involvement and action. We offer seminars with a variety of training programs through which students can dramatically develop their individual abilities, enhance their motivation, and expand the scope of their interests.

Basic knowledge Development Program

Courses covering a wide variety of areas provide for a rich learning experience and support in the achievement of career goals.

The Basic Knowledge Development Program aims to develop basic knowledge required to foster the Koudoujin: People of involvement and action. Through the prescription of a careful selection of requisite subjects, the range of selective subjects is thereby enhanced. Each student is now free to choose elective subjects appropriate to his/her goals and career plan.
As well as courses connected with their major, students may also choose from among foundation courses, career courses, skill development courses, and teacher certification courses. Courses for other majors may also be enrolled in, thus further widening and expanding the scope of available knowledge.

Koudoukan Education Program (Personal Skills Development Program)

The objective of the Koudoukan Education Program is to foster human resources which become the Koudoujin: People of involvement and action with novel ideas, a spirit of challenge, and cooperative ability for joint achievement.

The Koudoukan Education Program consists of 2 parts: the Koudoukan Course for acquiring knowledge and practical skills, and the Koudoukan Project for applying the acquired knowledge and skills to the process of personal development. These two approaches are mutually supporting, and this revolutionary program offers a deepening of knowledge, opportunities for self-cultivation, and ultimate success in the outside world.

Other Programs

HUE also offers a full range of other programs such as extracurricular training courses for various kinds of certification.

5-Year Fast-Track Master’s Degree

HUE offers a five-year master’s degree comprising 4 years of undergraduate and one year of postgraduate study.

Early graduation system

A three-year bachelor’s degree is available at HUE for students who exhibit excellent academic performance.