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Message from the President/Hiroshima University of Economics

We all support our students developing into Kouodoujin: People of involvement and action.

HUE President Kouich Maekawa

University should be a place where you find what you want out of life, and develop the strengths and skills to achieve that desire. Learning, the primary aim reason for attending university, does not simply mean acquiring knowledge, but building the kind of wide-ranging skills needed for the pursuit of that desire. For that reason we have revised the theory-based approach that has characterized our teaching to date and, introduced a new three-point common learning program for teachers and students to think through and learn from together. It comprises ‘Basic Knowledge Development’ (lectures), ‘Presentation Skills Building’ (seminars), and ‘Personal Development’ (Koudoukan). This program will provide its participants with a variety of opportunities and stimuli and with all they need to translate their ambitions into results. Whichever department the program is taught in, upon graduation the beneficiaries of it will be headed for success, able to be the Koudoujin: People of involvement and action*.

Takedayama’s expansive, verdant campus is the ideal environment for making discoveries and new encounters. Finding their drive in this environment blessed by nature, students are ready to launch themselves into a world of challenges.

The teaching staff are here to fully support the students in their endeavor: to ask themselves what they want out of life, to find it, to rise to the challenge, and to achieve solid growth as someone who knows what he or she wants, can be the Koudoujin: People of involvement and action.

*Koudoujin (People of involvement and action): Being successful means not drawing on preconceived notions but thinking matters through from scratch, not being afraid of making mistakes, working in cooperation with others, and doing your all to ‘make a go of it’.