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Department of Media Business/Hiroshima University of Economics

Acquire broadcasting, publishing and advertising techniques, and the ability to utilize the media in practical business situations.

Features/Department of Media Business

Developments in digital technology such as the commencement of terrestrial digital broadcasting and one-segment broadcasting, and the spread of the Internet are greatly expanding the possibilities of broadcasting, publishing and advertising. Students approach such questions as how the media can achieve ever richer means of communication, and examine companies’ media strategies regarding the production of new content in the form of music, video and publications from multiple angles. They are also trained in creation and production techniques in order to realize the possibilities of the media for themselves.

Objectives/Department of Media Business

HUE aims to develop business people who understand media, and have the practical resources required to make business plans and presentations. The curriculum focuses on practicalities such as on-the-job training, fieldwork and internship, under the guidance of professionals with the career experience in frontline media situations such as at broadcasting stations and advertisement agencies. After acquiring the basics, students undergo practical involvement in every stage of program production from planning to gathering material to editing. Using the latest equipment they acquire specialized expertise through projects such as creation of motion picture footage for the Internet.

Courses in Media Business