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Department of Economics/Hiroshima University of Economics

Develop expertise in the field of economics, logical thinking and analytical ability for the creation of a richer society.

Features/Department of Economics

Economics is learning the mechanisms behind economic activities. This involves, first of all, analyzing the behavior of companies and consumers in the trading of goods and services, as well as understanding what makes for effectual economic policies and social structure, and learning about the role of the state and the range of mechanisms that lie behind the various forms of economic activity. Economics is a global discipline that forges logical thinking and promotes solid analytical ability, enabling people to explain social issues from a scientific point of view. The Department of Economics aims to produce graduates with the thorough knowledge of economical theorem and practical ability so essential to the business world.

Objectives/Department of Economics

In the curriculum of the Department of Economics, students pass through three distinct, coherent study phases: Introductory, Basic, and Advanced/Praxis. According to these phases, students are free to select subjects relevant to the achievement of their goals. Furthermore, in order to incorporate the latest business trends into the curriculum, HUE holds a variety of activities such as special lectures given by those active in front-line business situations. HUE aims to foster personnel with logical modes of thought grounded in economics and the ability to accurately analyze a situation, and who are thus able to contribute concretely to society.

Qualifications/Department of Economics

HUE has introduced several courses, taught in ordinary lectures, into its curriculum for the purpose cultivating human resources who can make a contribution via such professions as tax accountancy, social insurance labor consultancy, and financial planning. HUE also fully supports its students in their acquirement of the necessary licences.

Courses in Economics