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Department of Business Administration/Hiroshima University of Economics

Learn the theory and practice of management, accounting, and marketing, and develop front-line prowess.

Features/Department of Business Administration

Products, money, people and information make up the elements of a company, and purchasing, production, and sales make up the elements of a company’s activity. Business Administration involves research into these elements as manifestations of economic logic. Management is taught along with two related subjects: marketing, which developed out of commercial studies, and accounting, which is intimately connected to management studies. These three subjects are effectively covered in the study of business administration. This curriculum addresses the needs of the business world and aims to develop human resources to support it.

Objectives/Department of Business Administration

In order to cultivate real-life skills applicable to various fields of work, HUE divides its curriculums into 3 sections:

  • Management: understanding theories and philosophies of management, and studying the administration of those factors necessary for production and distribution such as labor and finance.
  • Accounting: developing the ability to put strategic plans into action based on a knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting, financial control, and business policy.
  • Marketing: developing distribution-related expertise through the study of commercial planning and internet business skills, as well as the ability to take advantage of globalization and the information revolution.

Qualifications/Department of Business Administration

HUE has introduced several courses, taught in ordinary lectures, into its curriculum in order to help students gain certifications such as the Microsoft Office Specialist course, Introductory System Administrator course, Bookkeeping course, Registered Customs Specialist course, Social Insurance Labor Consultant course, and Public Tax Accountant course. HUE also fully supports its students in their acquirement of the SE qualifications.

Courses in Business Administration