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Graduate School Research Student Programs/Hiroshima University of Economics

HUE Graduate School offers Research Student Programs for those who wish to continue further research under a graduate school professor’s guidance, using the knowledge acquired during undergraduate and graduate courses of study, and for those who wish to acquire further knowledge to prepare for graduate study.
So far, many able personnel have graduated from HUE Graduate School and have been participating actively in academic, official and business circles. The study period for this program is set at 1 year; however, the period may be extended for up to 2 years for those who wish to study further.

Graduate School Research Student Programs students should decide on their academic advisor and pursue research under his/her guidance. They will be given the right to use the graduate student office and library, and to submit articles to research publications published by graduate study students. A certificate of attendance will be issued offer the one year study period.

Regarding applications

1. Applicants must have a bachelor degree or higher
2. Applicants must intend to proceed to the HUE regular graduate program
* After completing this program, students are expected to proceed to the regular graduate program. Staying at HUE only as a research program student is not permitted. This program is provided only for students who have finished undergraduate courses, wish to research in depth, and to proceed to the regular graduate program.


3. Prior to applying, applicants must have the consent of a preferred member of the teaching staff to provide guidance.
* Applicants must decide upon which subject to study. HUE strongly recommends that applicants take career counseling or form research plans with teaching staff in the specific subject that the applicant selected from the graduate program list. Therefore, application must be made only after consent to academic guidance from a member of the teaching staff has been received.


4. Applicants must have taken EJU
* Applicants are required to have obtained a minimum score of 260 in the subject of Japanese of EJU. However, applicants who have gradated from a Japanese university are exempted from this qualification.


5. Applicants must complete the procedure by the beginning of February if they wish to enroll in April.
Applicants should send their certificate of graduation, academic transcripts, and résumé before applying for this program in order that HUE can make prior confirmation of applicants’ eligibility.

Guidelines for International Applicants for Graduate School Research Student Programs

General description

Section Domestic Entrance Examination *1 International Entrance Examination *2
Courses Master's Course of Graduate School of Economics
Student Capacity A few
Application Period Domestic Entrance Examination:
[Interview with the academic advisor]
February 1 (Mon), 2016 - February 12 (Fri), 2016
February 15 (Mon), 2016 - February 19 (Fri), 2016

International Entrance Examination:
Screening Date After application registration, on the day designated by HUE Graduate School Committee. After application registration, on the day designated by HUE Graduate School Committee.
Selection Method Applicant Screening
Screening after consent to academic guidance from preferred member of teaching staff has, upon meeting with him/her, been received.
Applicant Screening
Besides submitted documents, applicants are requested to write and submit a short essay in Japanese (approx. 1200 words) for screening.
Consent to academic guidance from preferred member of teaching staff needed when applying.
Announcement of Result Domestic Entrance Examination:
March 10 (Thu), 2016
International Entrance Examination:
Deadline for Entrance Procedure Domestic Entrance Examination:
March 23 (Wed), 2016
International Entrance Examination:

*1 Domestic Entrance Examination applies to those who are able to take the entrance examination at HUE in Hiroshima, Japan.
*2 International Entrance Examination applies to those who take HUE entrance examination in their home countries.

Application Qualifications

International students eligible to sit the school’s post-graduate research entrance examination are those of non-Japanese nationality who fall under one of the following categories.

  1. All applicants must correspond to all of the followings
    1. (1) Those who have graduated or expect to graduate in March 2016 from universities meeting the requirements of the School Education Law.
    2. (2) Those who have been awarded a graduate degree from the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, or are due to be awarded one by March 2016.
    3. (3) Those who have completed 16 years of school education outside of Japan, or are due to complete it by March 2016.
  2. Those who have a score of more than 260 on “Japanese as a Foreign Language” of the Japanese test of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) administered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
    * NB Only the transcripts of tests taken in 2014 or 2015 will be accepted.

[Exception of EJU]

  1. (1) Graduates of universities in Japan or expected graduates of the current academic year.
  2. (2) Government-financed international student, or deemed equivalent by HUE Graduate School Committee.
  3. (3) Overseas applicants who have difficulty taking the examination for geographic reasons may be exempted from the examination by submitting any certificate of Japanese language proficiency.

NB Please obtain consent to provision of academic guidance from preferred professor before applying.

Selection Method

Screening is based on an overall evaluation of all submitted documents.

Application Procedure

1. Mailing Address for Application Documents
Hiroshima University of Economics, Office of International Exchange
5-37-1 Gion, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City Japan 731-0192
2. Application method
HUE shall receive application materials by post at any time. (Recorded delivery)

(NOTE) Under NO circumstances shall HUE return submitted documents.

Documents to be submitted

1. Application form (form prescribed by HUE)
2. Résumé (form prescribed by HUE)
  1. (1) Please write all the academic background from elementary school to present.
  2. (2) Please attach a photograph taken within the last 3 months on the designated place.
3. Test Registration Card (form prescribed by HUE)
4. Certification of graduation or prospective graduation document of the education institution most recently enrolled in.
5. Academic transcript of the education institution most recently enrolled in.
6. Dossier (form prescribed by HUE)
7. Letter of recommendation (form prescribed by HUE)
8. Health certificate (use form prescribed by HUE)
9. Copy of transcript of EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International students.)
NOT necessary for those who have graduated or are scheduled to graduate from universities (in Japan) which meet the requirements provided by the School Education Law, or those who apply directly from their home countries and were exempted from taking the EJU.
10. Copy of Residence Card
11. Photocopy of passport
12. Certificate of employment
Required only for those who are currently employed
13. Research Plan (form prescribed by HUE)
14. Photocopy of academic thesis
For those who are scheduled to complete the HUE undergraduate or Master Course, the submitted thesis will be a substitute. 
15. Certificate of Employment (if applicable)

(NOTE) If any of the content of the application materials is found to be fallacious, HUE shall withdraw the right to take the examination. Also, if any false statements are discovered after having passed the examination, HUE shall revoke admission.

Entrance Examination Fee

1. Entrance examination fee
2. Method of payment
[Applicants in Japan]
Please pay by bank transfer to the designated account using the prescribed payment slip by the due date. Payment can be made at any banking institution except the post office.
[Applicants Outside of Japan]
Please enclose a check made out in yen with the documentation (checking fee to be paid by applicant) payable to “Ishida Gakuen Hiroshima University of Economics”. However, if the applicant has someone in Japan who can pay on his or her behalf, the transfer should be made from the nearest bank (except the post office), using HUE's prescribed 'Domestic Applicant's Bank Transfer Form'.

* NB Payment of fees directly at the HUE offices is not possible.
* Under no circumstances will HUE return fees once paid.

Announcement of Result

An announcement shall be made after each screening procedure. HUE shall notify applicants by post only.

Enrollment Procedures

For successful applicants, HUE will send a list of entrance requirements enclosed along with letter of acceptance. The letter shall include the following requirements:

  1. Successful applicants must complete payment of tuition and fees and other procedures by the due date.
  2. The payment of the tuition and fees must be made only by bank transfer using the prescribed payment slip. Tuition and fees sent by post or brought in person to the office will not be accepted.
    HUE accepts a bank transfer from any banking institution except the post office.
  3. Failure to pay tuition and fees by the due date shall result in HUE revoking admission.
  4. For those who have completed the final process of enrollment but wish to decline admission by the due date for enrollment procedures, HUE shall return paid tuition and fees with the exception of the admission fee.

Tuition and Fees

Expense Item Amount Payment Installment(s) Remarks
Academic Fee Admission fee 125,000 once Only at enrollment
Tuition 85,000 twice Yearly Amount
Facility Expenses 25,000 twice Yearly Amount

* The amounts on the list are the actual amounts for 2016.

Other Information

For inquiries about Research Student Program
Hiroshima University of Economics, Office of International Exchange
5-37-1 Gion, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City JAPAN 731-0192
TEL:082-871-1002   FAX:082-871-3063